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September 22, 2022

Treason Site

Within these woods, in the early hours of September 22, 1780, American General Benedict Arnold and British Major John Andre plotted the surrender of the American fortress at West Point. While attempting to return to British lines, Andre was captured by American soldiers. He was tried, convicted and hanged as a spy at Tappan on October 2, 1780. Traitor Arnold escaped and joined the British.


It wasn’t until later in the war that Benedict Arnold “switched sides” and joined the British. Up until that point, he served his country and George Washington honorably. He was crippled/severely wounded at one point and sent to Philidelphia which is where things went south for him. John Andre was captured, tried and hanged. Benedict Arnold escaped and spent the rest of his life in England.

John Andre was a British army officer, born 1750 in England, who negotiated with the American general Benedict Arnold and was executed as a spy during the American Revolution in 1780.

Benedict Arnold (left); John Andre (above)

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“I am reconciled by my death, but I detest the mode”
~ John Andre

“What do you think would be my fate if my misguided countrymen were to take me prisoner?”
~ Benedict Arnold

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