save the children

September 28, 2022

The corruption runs deep. So deep.
The video below is about 4 minutes long. It’s about the pedophilia ring.

Until about two years ago, I didn’t realize exactly how bad this really was. I knew it was deep, but not this deep. It’s devastating to think that this has been going on under our noses for how long?

For a while after I started seeing videos like this, I had a really hard time watching movies. I still do, actually. My then boyfriend didn’t think it was “that bad”, until he started seeing things for himself. I actually learned that I couldn’t talk to him about certain things, at least until he started seeing things for himself. He said I was crazy…It’s not that bad…but now, I think he understands. At least a little bit. I still can’t bring things up, but we have been able to have some conversations about this.

my son

When my son was young my mom used to get on my case about letting him go to the bathroom by himself when we were shopping. She was worried about him being kidnapped. What she didn’t know was that he went to the bathroom with me up until he was around nine years old – at least. Whether I had to go, or he had to go, he went with me, or I went with him. Once he was in his teens, I’d walk to the bathroom and wait for him outside. Even now, sometimes I wait in the general area. He does the same for me. Isn’t that what a your supposed to do, when you care about someone?

Of course, I told her he doesn’t use the bathroom unless I’m with him. I never had anyone say anything to me, and it was rare that I even got any strange looks. Most women understand, especially mothers. Back then, there weren’t any “family” bathrooms. They didn’t come around until later. I knew I needed to protect my son, no matter what, even though I didn’t realize fully how bad child trafficking was.

hands off our children

end human trafficking now

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