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September 30, 2022

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“monkey face” aka some type of begonia

In all places
then, and in all seasons
flowers expand their light
and soul like wings
teaching us
by most persuasive reasons
how akin they are to human things

~ Longfellow

…my dad always called these flowers “monkey-faces”, because when they’re in full bloom they look like monkey faces. Eventually we found out that they are begonias. My dad’s aunt gave him a pot or two way back in the late seventy’s. She knew how much he enjoyed the flowers, so she made sure he got a couple.

We got a fire going this afternoon. First fire of the season!
Hurricane Ian is making his way through the area this weekend, so we had to bring a bunch of wood in. It’s going to be cold and wet, but we’re ready! Plenty of firewood, the gutters are cleaned out, and everything covered that needs to be covered. The worst of the storm will be tonight – they say. A couple inches of rain and wind gusts of 20-30 mph…at least that’s what they’re calling for. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge had wind advisories posted this afternoon – the closer you get to the ocean, the worse it will be. Tomorrow things should calm down, with a heavy band coming through, then rain showers the rest of the weekend.

I think I just might get to find out how my new walkway to the deck handles all the rain!

Hunkered down for the weekend!
Let it rain!!

As the seasons change, so do we.
May we be aware

we are shifting
just like the wind.


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