lovin’ in the garden

October 8, 2022

the garden is a love song

…so far, my “sex” photos from the garden aren’t getting me in trouble on Facebook. Yet! I’ve even called them out on it. My thought is, that day I posted the flower that “violated their terms and conditions” containing sexual activity and nudity was a vendetta against me or something. Someone had it out for me that day and “got” me when I posted the flower. Factcheckers will do what they want, that I have learned.

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Ignore the western propaganda for a few minutes. What Putin says in this speech is true. If you think Russia is the Dark Side, then you have allowed yourself to be brainwashed by a multi-billion-dollar Pentagon budget that controls western media and big tech.

September 10, 2022

“The west is ready to cross every line for the sake of preserving the neocolonial system which allows it to live off of and plunder the world.” ~ Putin


Pumpkin Pie

Ingredients: . . . finger . . .

…ummm, hopefully a typo? The FDA does allow for a certain amount of “body parts” coming from manufacturing plants, but this looks made-in-store, so…


“Our religious abortion ritual averts many state restrictions”


~ not a cake ~ ~ ~ ~ not a baby ~

Billboard in Phoenix Arizona made by ‘the satanic temple’ openly admitting that abortion is ritualistic child sacrifice.


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