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October 9, 2022

my thoughts for today

The days are getting colder and shorter, and the nights getting longer. Which means I will be staying up later, and sleeping in later. Not all the time. Not yet. But there will be days I don’t wake up until later. That means my posts will be later, especially the “picture of the day”. I don’t pre-schedule my posts, so this will be something we will have to deal with until spring.

I do have posts pre-made, but I don’t post until I’m ready to post. And I do like to drink a cup of coffee or two before going about my day.

The wood stove is the only heat we have.

Last winter, I would stay up until 3 am or so, to make sure the house didn’t get cold. Especially during the dead of winter, when it was the coldest. I plan on doing the same thing this winter. It’s just better this way…a couple hours after I stock the wood stove, my housemate is getting up. There are still hot coals and the house is still warm.

My son is learning how to stock the stove and is gaining independence with it. Building his confidence is what needs to happen. He can do it…getting beyond the fear of doing something wrong. That is what he needs.

I also thought I’d share my schedule at this time. It has changed, at least a little. Considering the changes have been implemented for a while, it’s time.

Every day:
– picture of the day: a photo, inspirational quote, a Bible verse, and some memes
– wonderful ~ beautiful: a “recent” photo, garden quote (but not always)…tomorrow I’m adding some memes back in, and a quote to end

~ by recent I mean seasonally correct

– something religious

– my words: a photo with my words

– a song: humor, patriotic, new, old…pretty much anything, but nothing vulgar

– wisdom: an abstract photo with a proverb

– Throwback: an old photo with something inspirational
– something interesting: this could be something/anything I find interesting, usually having to do with somewhere around the globe but really could be anything

– photo of the week: a recent photo, made within the last seven days
– no words: a post with only a photo/meme with no words, usually a pin, but I might change that to a photo of mine at some point

– if I have something new to share, I will, but usually this is a “down” day for me

The first and the last:
– this is a post I do on the first of the month, with the first and last photo on my cell phone camera roll, with any thoughts I have

My thoughts for today:
this is a whenever post, where I share my thoughts on whatever is going on

I don’t think I missed anything.
There will be other posts, something controversial or conspiracy minded, something funny, whatever, but that happens when I find something and I am ready to share it. I have been down so many rabbit holes since “covid” took over two years ago, I won’t share anything unless I myself can wrap my head around it or at least make sense of it. If I can’t make sense of it, how can you?

I have finally gotten all of my older photos off my phone. There is nothing before May of this year, except a few videos that I can’t figure out how to transfer. Because of this, I am able to move forward. There will be more “conspiracy” minded posts, truth bombs, whatever you want to call them.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

Why Ukraine is key

Black and Veatch


Illegal Pathogen labs funded by Soros, Dems, DOD and DARPA (taxes) with DATA and help from Fauci’s NIAID/NIH

Crowdstrike Server taken to Ukraine to hide proof of DNC/HFA crimes

America’s corrupt political families have been paying themselves with your tax $$ for Ukraine and just spent $40 billion more

Fresh, not frozen human fetal stem cells $big$ from big pharma/med testing/anti-aging

Could this be why they tried to impeach Trump twice and then stole an election? Did Azov Nazis kill Seth Rich for the FBI?


“It’s from the customer at the end of the bar.”


I got my eye on this group

Y’all better not be educating my supporters


take care
stay safe
much love

Why do underwear and socks come in resealable bags
but potato chips and cereal don’t?

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