we all need each other

October 10, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

in nature
nothing exists alone

~ Rachel Carson

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I found this interesting… a “natural” fence. You could say the fence between me and my farmer neighbor is “natural”…vines and weeds are the only thing holding it up at this point. If it hasn’t fallen down.


For Sale

vintage Tupperware foot bath/meat defroster/puke bucket/potato salad/popcorn bowl

…you can bet I have one or two of these! But it was never used as a puke bucket. I can guarantee it.


Religious persecution is when you are prevented from exercising your beliefs; NOT when you are prevented from imposing your beliefs.


I decided to go ahead and bring the memes back to my “wonderful” posts. But instead of coming from “anywhere”, they will strictly come from Pinterest.

How To Make Pine Bark Bread: ask a prepper…lots of info and mentions pines that could be poisonous, most of which are not in the US, natively.

take care
stay safe
much love

“When we are at war within us
it will not be long before
we are at war with others
even those we love”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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