eventually the whisper will become a roar

October 11, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

your soul is always going to whisper
the truth back to you
your soul wants what is best for you
and if you try to silence its voice
eventually the whisper will become a roar

~Lacey Johnson

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Mound gardening
Hugel beds

Sepp Holzer recommends steep Hugel beds to avoid compaction from increased pressure over time. Steep beds mean more surface area in your garden for plants and the heights makes harvesting easier. The greater the mass, the greater the water-retention benefits.


I read that, by law, you have to turn on your headlights when it’s raining in Sweden. How am I supposed to know if it’s raining in Sweden?


Consider how precious a soul must be, when both God and the devil are after it.

~ Charles Spurgeon


Why You Should Freeze Flour Before Storing It: ask a prepper…freezing flour kills pests, makes it last longer, canning and other options in storing flour.

take care
stay safe
much love

there is a past version of you
that is so proud of how far you’ve come
keep going

~ Rachel’s Heart ~

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