be steadfast

October 13, 2022

throwback Thursday

1990 (?)

the way back will come but once
be steadfast

~ Robert Jordan

If you click on the images, you can see that the first photo was made in 1990 and the second was taken in 2017. The file name says 2013, but that’s probably when I scanned it into the computer, and I didn’t change the name. I tried looking for a more recent view from the same perspective, but I couldn’t find one on this computer.

I think it’s close enough…being able to see the difference. Back then, everything was so small. It seems that the driveway has shifted, but I think that just has to do with all the growth. Of course, there was no grass growing in the driveway back then. The picture on the left was when we first moved into the house, the one on the right was after my dad passed away and I had van towed. It wasn’t really worth keeping, I think I got $200 for it. It was still a bittersweet moment.

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