be free to go slow

October 16, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

there is absolutely no reason
for being rushed along with the rush
everybody should be free to go slow

~ Robert Frost

hope you have a great day!
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We always get each other ironic gifts,
but my brother killed it this year.

[gift not included]



calm, but alert
relaxed, but ready
smooth, but sharp
humble, but confident


8 Common Faraday Cage Myths: ask a prepper…faraday cages have gained a lit of popularity amongst preppers and survivalists, but “the problem is that the popularity of Faraday cages has also generated a lot of myths and misinformation that anyone wanting to build one must sift through.”

take care
stay safe
much love

did you know?
when you walk towards something
you are actually walking away from something else
none of which is important to the rabbit following you

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