October 20, 2022

I finally got a pole up to hang drying t-shirts on!!

No, not that kind of pole…

I had mentioned I wanted one before, but my housemate said he didn’t want it – it would just be in the way.

What changed his mind? I was having to hang shirts up in doorways. It gets annoying, but it needed to be done. I don’t own an electric clothes dryer – haven’t had one for years!!

I typically hang shirts up in the window. Any extras get hung on door frames, shelves, wherever I can find a spot. The curtain rod I was using started pulling out of the wall. Which honestly meant that they were too heavy to hang there. He fixed it, putting longer screws in the wall. I told him I still wanted a pole put up, it would be better. What makes it even better is I found an old curtain rod in the basement, that my parents had saved from the old house. So, I didn’t have to go out and buy a rod.

Don’t get me wrong…anything you want to use, can be used. I was going to take an old wooden ladder apart and use that. But…he said no! So, I stuck it in the corner and am now using it as decoration. I would still use the curtain rod hanging in the window…but if I have a lot of shirts to hang, it does get heavy and with the old radio cabinet, it’s hard to access the window.

During the summer months I do hang clothes outside if the weather’s appropriate. If not, they get hung up inside. I have two drying racks, an inside clothesline if needed, doors, and shelves to hang stuff to dry, plus curtain rods – depending on what I have washed. I have been known to take chairs and drape sheets over the back. During the winter, I can’t use the shelves to hang t-shirts on because of the firewood.

So, to hang the rod you need hook screws, chain and a rod. Screw the hook screws into rafters, loop the chain around the hook screws and hang the rod. You can make the chain as long as short as you want. My plan is, during the summer months, raise the rod closer to the ceiling. I will be less likely to use it during those months. I could take it down, but if I do happen to need it, it’s already there. Mine is about 12 inches from the wall.

slide lampshade

Just thought I’d share an “art” project as well. It requires an old lampshade with the fabric taken off. Punch holes in the slides and connect them with small O-rings. The O-rings can be found in any art store, hardware store or the art department of most box stores. This isn’t finished yet, needing a few more slides. The slide-shade should really be on a different lamp, but for now I’m okay with it. This is a neat way to use your old slides from yesteryear.

on a side note: the poison oak on my back is pretty much dried up and I did get my voice back. I kept forgetting to mention it. However, I pulled a muscle in my stomach/groin area. I think I did it either setting the drafting table back up or pulling vines out of the azalea bushes. Could’ve been both…so I’m pretty much stuck in the house/bed, resting. I feel better than I did two days ago, but not 100% yet.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

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