gardening is peace, gardening is serenity

October 23, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

gardening is about
the smell of things growing in the soil
getting dirty without feeling guilty
and generally taking the time
to soak up a little peace and serenity

~ Lindley Karstens

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If you grow it for the fruit or the root,
you need full sun.
If you grow it for the leaves,

partial shade is all you need.


Donut Seeds


The left is entering a new phase of ideological agitation – no longer trying to win the debate but stopping the debate altogether, banishing from public discourse any and all opposition.

The proper word for that is totalitarian.

~ Charles Krauthammer
March 13, 1950 – June 21, 2018


23 Overlooked Survival Foods You Need To Add To Your Pantry: ask a prepper…rolled oats, yeast, dried veggies. lentils, dried food, coconut oil, honey, nut butters and so much more…

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Did you know?
People who deserve to have buckets
of water thrown on them seldom do.
Doesn’t it seem like that should change?

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