The Gunilda Shipwreck

October 27, 2022

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Gunilda was a ship built in 1897 and sunk in 1911 in Lake Superior, Canadian side. She was owned by oil baron William Harkness. She was 195 feet (59.4 meters) long, breadth was 24 feet, 7 inches (6.25 meters), and had a draft of 12 feet 6 inches (3.8 meters). She sunk after hitting some rocks, but no one was hurt. All of their belongings were left behind.

Yacht Gunilda goes to the bottom of Lake

Port Arthur, Ontario, September 1
The yacht, GUNILDA, owned by William L. Harkness of New York, which was wrecked Tuesday on the north shore of Lake Superior near Rossport, has proved a total loss. Today, in an effort to release her from the rock which she had struck, the GUNILDA sank in 300 feet of water.

Buffalo Evening News
Friday, September 1, 1911

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Multiple efforts of trying to find her in the following years proved unfruitful. In 1967, Chuck Zender was the first diver to reach her. He suggested in a couple of magazine articles that there was over 3 million dollars’ worth of valuables on the Gunilda.


Recently, a group of divers took the “dive” to see the Gunilda themselves. (I can’t find a date, but the article is dated 2018.) Some of the images they captured are below…

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(internet images)

6-minute video…you can keep the video muted if you would like (I did), there are captions, telling the story of the ship.

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