Where does the time go?

October 27, 2022

throwback Thursday
then and now

1999 or 2000?

time has a funny way of slipping into the future
make the best of it

October 27, 2022

I thought about getting my son to go out and pose for me, but I figured he wouldn’t want to. It would be a neat photo, I think. 22 years later…obviously he’s much older now, and taller. Maybe I will in a few weeks. It looks to me like the photo taken 22 years ago – or so – was a little later in the year, maybe in November or early December. All or most of the leaves are off the trees, compared to now with leaves still on the trees.

It still hasn’t rained hard enough here to tell how well the pipe works on deterring any water.

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This is not a conspiracy theory. I just googled it and yes, this patent is real…so fact checkers can fact check…

Why is there a patent for subliminal acoustic manipulation of the nervous system?

Patent #6017302A




Get ready.

The Simpsons never lied…

…Steven King wrote a book a few years ago titled Under The Dome, it was one of the last good books he wrote, in my opinion. I couldn’t watch the tv series though.

link: StephenKing.com


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4 Comments on “Where does the time go?

  1. The TV series “Under The Dome” was ok from what I remember, but the book was much better (which is usually the case).

    • I only watched a couple of episodes but had to stop bc it didn’t follow the book close enough. I agree about the books being better, usually. There are a few shows/movies like IT that were just as good as the book. However, The Man in The High Castle series was MUCG better than the book…I’ll be writing about it soon.

      • That’s cool. I don’t know much about The Man in the High Castle but I’ll have to check it out.

      • It’s a story where the Allies lose ww2, the Germans and Japanese “rule” the land with a neutral zone in the middle.

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