be beautifully you

October 28, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

to be beautiful
means to be yourself
you don’t need to be accepted by others
you need to be accepted by yourself

~ Thick Nhat Hanh

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type of wood ~ log ~ description

oak ~ very dense, hot burning, should season at least one year
maple ~ difficult to split, efficient, hot burning, should season at least one year
cherry ~ burns at medium heat, sweet burning aroma, sparks a lot, doesn’t produce a lot of smoke
birch ~ burns very quickly, bright/hot burning, good firestarter
pine ~ high sap content, burns messy, don’t use as your exclusive firewood
elm ~ very dense/hard wood, difficult to split, doesn’t smell great as it burns
chestnut ~ burns and splits easily, burns at low heat, sparks a lot/heavy smoke

…the dryer or more seasoned the wood is, the less smoke it produces, pine is generally said not a good wood to burn, but if it deader than dead, and has been for years it might be okay. One season equals one “season” of drying – if you cut the wood in the beginning of spring, it will be ready to burn in the summer…typically.


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pride is what made the devil the devil


5 Places To Hide During Martial Law: ask a prepper…stay where you are (in plain sight), off-grid cabin or bug out location, friends and family, the wilderness, prepper communities…“Even though there is nothing illegal regarding prepping, all it takes is the stroke of a pen for that to change. If it does, you may find that you are now a target of the government and need to find places to conceal yourself.” The article suggests, as in other articles I have shared, to keep some items in plain sight. If you do this, chances are the military will take what they find and leave. If you have everything “hidden away”, they’ll keep searching until they find something.

take care
stay safe
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the greatest oak
was once a nut
who held his ground

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