take a deep breath

October 31, 2022

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deep breathing is one of the body’s best self-healing tools
it lowers blood pressure
reduces heart rate
decreases stress hormones
oxygenates blood
exercises the lungs
increases physical and mental energy
and improves immunity

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we can’t feed the poor
but we can fund a war


pet dust bunnies

Your new pet dust bunnies are virtually mess-free, and they don’t require feeding, toys, or exercise!


garden trellis

anything that grows on a vine, including tomatoes, can be grown this way…you can make it as simple or complicated as you want. Tie two poles/logs together and stabilize it – you’ve got yourself a trellis. Pallets, or any fence-like structure can also be used.


The US States With The Highest Cost Of Living In 2022. Do You Live In One Of Them?: ask a prepper…Hawaii, California and Massachusetts make the top three

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I trust everyone
It’s the devil inside them that I don’t trust

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