November 12, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

1920’s slang

“the cat’s pajama’s”
meaning splendid or stylish

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People who made money on the slave trade used to argue that Africans were not persons, but property. (They also used the Bible to justify slavery.)

to do evil never change

People who make money performing abortions argue that unborn human beings are not persons, but parasites, body-parts or blobs.


Winter Is Coming! Don’t Forget To Do This: ask a prepper…some of the chores mentioned in the article are probably a no brainer, especially if you’ve been doing what you can to beat inflation right now (storing food, alternate lights/power supply), but other things noted are things that should be done periodically, especially before winter sets in…like dig out and check winter clothing for any repairs that need to be done, check on pipes/exterior, check on any stored water and make sure it’s not in a place that could freeze.

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where do they get the seeds
to plant seedless watermelons?

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