autumn market

November 13, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

Autumn Market
by Frances Gorman Risser

Every autumn in the woods
falling leaves are burnished bright
for in fairy markets there
Jack Frost holds a sale, each night

Fairies hurry ’round to buy
crimson hose, a golden gown
and, for sturdy working clothes
leaves are stained in shades of brown

Then, beneath the big oak tree
fairies shop for kitchen ware
polished copper frying pans
pots and kettles are found there

Autumn leaves the fairies use
in so many ways, you see –
dresses, rugs, and blankets too
even kettles for their tea.

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It will never be winning
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The cost of sanity in this society,
is a certain level of alienation.

~ Terence McKenna


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