the ten new universal commandments for climate change [part 2]

November 13, 2022

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When I said change was coming not too long ago, I had no idea what I was saying. I mean, I didn’t know this kind of change was in the forecast. It’s been crazy the last couple of weeks, in a good way. And for the most part it hasn’t been too stressful. It helps that I have posts made up through December, so I can share this kind of stuff. As needed or as I am able.

So, I wanted to share my thoughts about what I shared the other day on the climate justice ten commandments. I didn’t really share any thoughts, just the facts as I had them at the moment.

I think it is absolutely wrong what the Vatican/Catholic church is doing. So many have fallen into the trap. It’s not just believing the way the Catholics do, but the whole “universal” or “interreligious” movement. With these movements, all religions are the same. Atheists and Satanists are no different than Protestant or Baptist. And all major religions from what I understand will be represented at the summit this past Sunday (Nov 13). Religions that are part of the interfaith movement anyway.

No matter what you believe, you can get to heaven. Or…maybe not…Catholics believe in purgatory, and from there you may get to heaven…if enough prayers and good deeds are done. That’s not what the Bible says.

The Ten Commandments

Thou shalt have no other gods before me
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord they God in vain
Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy
Thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not commit adultry
Thou shalt not steal
Thou shalt not bear false witness
Thou shalt not covet


Going to Mt Sinai to “receive” 10 new commandments. Do they really think this is going to change anything? Mandating that I take Sunday as a day of rest? Why not Saturday (the Sabbath), like God commanded? I know the reason. And it’s because the Catholic church/Vatican/pope believes they are above God. And they’ve pulled other organized religions with them, knowingly or unknowingly. I’m not sure. I think the some of the religious leaders know what they are doing, but the people (flock) don’t necessarily know. It all just feels good. And just because it feels good doesn’t mean it’s right.

(web capture)

Would you look at that!?!?!?!? I’m at the top of the list…or pretty darn close. I typically don’t pay much attention, but I was looking for articles about the summit and saw it. So, I captured it! My views for that post are 38 total, so I don’t know what to think about being so high up on the list. It is what it is.

World Climate Summit COP27 and The Ten Commandments for Climate Change (
“This meeting is to “catalyse action for the net-zero emission” by 2030. That’s just some 8 years away.”…how do you get net-zero emission? Without killing everything that is living on the planet? The trees/plants need us to breathe to survive, we need the trees/plants to survive. We are connected!!!! If there is zero emission – we all die! Yes, we all need to do our part, but this is a bit extreme, in my opinion. Oh yeah, my breathing will destroy the planet because I’m just a lowly human and don’t know that driving my car to the grocery store which is five miles away will put too many bad fumes into the air which is really, really bad…but they, the elite, can do whatever the heck they want!!!! It’s for the betterment of the planet! Just give me/us all your money!! We’ll take care of the planet!


I know the ultimate goal is to depopulate the planet, which is being accomplished as we speak.

**I know that net-zero means what goes in is the same as what goes out…according to an article I read not too long ago (I can’t remember who published it off the top of my head), trees and plants account for 75-85% of the greenhouse gases. So humans produce about 25%, or less. I would venture to guess that humans like me only account for a small portion of that 25%.

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False teaching is easily identified by the fact that it is willingly received by all, and is to everyone’s liking.

~ John Calvin


What do you call a sleepwalking nun?

A roam’n Catholic


I’d rather be hated for speaking the truth
than hailed for trying to redefine it


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