Is Muhammad Subuh the real father of Barrack Obama?

November 19, 2022

(internet image)

image on the left (above) is Muhammad Subuh, the one on the right is a composite of Obama and Subuh

I think the video and the article linked below say it all. There are links in the article, which is why I included it.

🤔⁉️ Is Muhammad Subuh the Real Father of President #44? Who is Loretta Fuddy? What is the Cult of Subud? It’s All a Mystery…. (

Yes, the true identity of Obama is a mystery…or maybe not. All I know is eventually the truth – the whole truth – will be exposed. Ever since he stepped onto the national stage anything that would expose who he truly was/is was hidden. There is a reason for that! If it was “fake news” it wouldn’t have held any ground… that’s the way the truth works.

It won’t just be the truth about the Obama’s that will come out…but everything that has been shrouded or hidden.

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