it always pays off in the end

November 23, 2022

Yes, that’s my electric bill from the month of October.

This fan has been awesome! My housemate’s son gave it to us, as he doesn’t need it anymore. No electric needed…it runs off the heat from the wood stove, and pushes that heat out into the rest of the house.

I’ve barely had to turn on any fans to push any air. On rare occasion I do turn on the living room ceiling fan to push the heat out, but that’s rare and only when my housemate gets the heat up to 80F (26C) or higher. I prefer the temperature to be between 75F (23C) and 77F (25C). Much warmer than that, I get uncomfortable.

I did break down on Friday (November 19) and plug a humidifier in. I was really struggling getting the humidity up. I’ve got jars, crock pots, vases, bottles filled with water and placed around the house…even house plants, which help. I just couldn’t get the humidity up above 40% in the living room, which is okay – just a little dry. I would prefer it closer to 50%, with the humidifier it’s getting there.

The lower humidity was causing me headaches, sinus headaches. I could go lay down in my bedroom, where the humidity is higher (around 60%), my headache would all but disappear. So, I had to get the humidity up. As much as I would like to just go into hibernation mode, that’s not just possible. I don’t think humans are supposed to hibernate…slow down a little, maybe, but not hibernate. So, something needed to be done.

I even placed a vase in the front window…

With the sun hitting it, when it’s sunny out, the water will evaporate, and add a little moisture to the air. At night, when I close the curtains, I just need to move it out of the windowsill. No big deal.

The wood stove is really our only source of heat. It will just suck any moisture out of the air – that’s what fire’s do. So, somehow, someway, moisture needs to be added back in to keep the air from getting too dry. Putting water on top the stove helps. Placing pots, vases, bottles, bowls around filled with water helps. Aquariums help. House plants help. The goal is to try and get the humidity between 40 and 60 percent. That is ideal. Less than 40 is too dry, more than 60 is too humid and allows for mold to start growing. If the house/apartment/condo has electric heat, the furnace will pull the humidity out for you. I’m not sure how it works with oil heat.

Distilled water…

I’ve been distilling water to use in the humidifier. It’s been a pain in the butt, but beats buying gallons of it at the store. I’ve got 6 gallons right now, plus two mason jars. Actually, more than that. That extra is in mason jars or smaller jugs and will be used for other things…like my nasal spray, saltwater gargle/rinse or whatever else I can think to use it for.

I’m working on getting more than, but I need more jugs…so I can get a good rotation going and I’m not constantly boiling and filtering water. I’ll get there. It’s a work in progress.

As I told my housemate, if I had known over the summer, I would’ve been working on it then, so I wouldn’t be going crazy now. But, it is what it is.

The plan is, to only have to boil water twice a week – two gallons at a time. The humidifier uses about a gallon a day. If I have it running on high, which I do.

Oh yeah, I’m reading Stephen King’s If It Bleeds right now. A set of short stories…

to distill water: bring water to a boil and let simmer for five minutes or so. Let cool.
~ running water through the coffee maker also works, melted snow or ice is distilled water as well.

hope you have a great day!
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  1. We have very low humidity here in the desert. I’ve seen it as low as 1% (I think even zero!) Right now, it says 31% in our house, 23% outside. But we are used to it. It feels humid when we travel. We drink a lot of water, and I am a hoarder of my favorite moisturizers!!

    • 31% is fine, but with a wood stove things start to get too dry and the possibility of fire goes up. Fire’s always possible with a wood stove or fireplace, the dryer things get, well… I’d rather keep it as close to 50% as I can. I also noticed that I start having issues with my sinuses and eyes when it gets too dry in the house.

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