to garden is to believe in tomorrow

November 22, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

in the garden we

grow peas of mind
believe in dirt therapy
welcome butterflies and bees
make thyme for loved ones
are down-to-earth
love rainy and sunny days alike
are content with natural beauty
plant dreams
harvest love
enjoy the view
get dirty
remember our roots
squash selfishness
practice the art of soul to soil
turnup to help thy neighbor
live life in full bloom

hope you have a great day!
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Those who know the least, obey the best.

~ George Farquhar



“I phone, you tube”

The false “Jesus”
the world loves!

Here are some of his attributes:

~ He will allow everyone into heaven
~ He came to bring peace, not division
~ He doesn’t require obedience
~ He doesn’t require holiness
~ He doesn’t require repentance
~ He only preaches love
~ He never says anything offensive
~ He never tells anyone they’re wicked
~ He calls everyone His children
~ He wants you to do your own will
~ His commandments are suggestions

If you are following this false Jesus, thought I’d let you know…his real name is Satan!


How To Repurpose Old Items Into New Projects For Your Backyard: ask a prepper… old tire planters, milk jug bird feeders (milk jugs can also be used as scoops), soda bottles, repurpose pallets, and more

take care
stay safe
much love

Do Not Drink The Water
Fish Crap In It

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