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November 23, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

Gardening is learning, learning, learning
that’s the fun of them
you’re always learning

~ Helen Mirren

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“The TV told me that if I eat bugs and enslave myself on behalf of the ruling 1% that the weather will get gooder…”


Legend has it,

that this wrench can only be pulled out of the concrete block by an auto mechanic who is pure of heart, does not steal gas from the tank and doesn’t overcharge or replace parts that are not broken.


Dear Great Pumpkin,

Please take Uncle Joe away, he touched Lucy and sniffed Sally’s hair and I think he brainwashed Peppermint Patty.


10 FACTS You Must Know About The Jesuits!:… “The Society of Jesus, more commonly referred to as the Jesuits, are the armed militia of the Roman Catholic Church. They were sanctioned in 1540 by Pope Paul III with one mandate: to defeat Protestantism and regain worldwide Papal rule. To achieve this monumental task, they employ ever-adapting methods of pseudo-education, social programs, infiltration, and all wickedness that could possibly be conceived. Needless to say, they are achieving great success in their mission, which is climaxing with the present pope, Pope Francis, i.e. the Eighth and last Pope of Revelation 17, who held some of the highest positions in Argentina, including Provincial Superior in the Society of Jesus and Archbishop of Buenos Aires. He was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II.” The Jesuits were expelled for a time, but as far as I know they are back.

take care
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feel free to talk to the plants
they understand

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