I did it again!

November 23, 2022

got another 30-day ban!
for posting a flower
that goes against community standards
violating their terms
for sexual activity and/or nudity

Nudity in the garden is a very, very bad thing!
Sexual activity is even worse!!

But at least it took them 30 days
from the time I was released
to be restricted again!

To be fair, I did post it with one of Tom MacDonalds songs – Free World – but it has nothing to do with sex or nudity. I am going to post the song, but it will be a little bit.

I also finally was able to see why my Holly’s World Facebook account was/is restricted. I was going to post from it today, but the notice came up. It doesn’t show any previous restrictions – on Holly’s World. But I can’t post anything there…haven’t been able to for two months now.



They also delete any “recent” restrictions. Not sure if they do this to everyone. This week alone I’ve gotten a couple of notices, saying that my posts are being moved to the bottom of the feed for graphic content or false information.

This post/meme was basically stating that a lottery can be verified and what not within hours, but voting officials don’t know results 4 days after voting.

The fact check says that the ballot processing continues to be closely watched/monitored.

Ok, whatever…there’s issues with the voting process. That’s the whole point of the meme.

Be still and know that I am God

this was covered for “graphic content”…when I went back on my page to get this, it’s been uncovered.

I can’t even message people to let them know I’m in FB jail. Not until tomorrow morning after 10am. So, hopefully the few that check out my blog will know.

I did know that something was about to happen…I’d been having trouble posting to my story (on facebook) for the two or three days. What’s weird is, they’re not getting me for posting “misinformation” or even Hitler stuff. They get me for a flower!

I guess one of these days, I’ll disappear off of Facebook altogether, but that day isn’t today. When I get locked out probably…

I told you they were corrupt as hell.

Believe me now?


hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

…all this really means is I will have more time here, not that I spend a lot of time on facebook , but I’ll just have more time.

5 Comments on “I did it again!

  1. They should issue people get out of jail free cards like in Monopoly. It’s a game they are playing, and they make up all the rules.

    • Yeah, I laugh but it’s frustrating. Some of the stuff I post should get me time for sure. But no, they get me for a flower. Not once, but twice πŸ˜‚

    • Someone on Facebook suggested that it’s because it’s “real” and the woke don’t like real. πŸ™„ I’m also hearing that they’re going to start banning Bible verses, spiritual and Christian posts starting December 1 or 2 of this year. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know. They’ve been threatening it for awhile.
      I do know that the threat against Christians is real though.

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