Back in the day

November 24, 2022

throwback Thursday

you can’t make someone act right
but you can make them wish they did

I have no idea who this is, but I have a strong feeling that I am related. Probably a Morris or a Divelbiss. This photo was in with my grandfather’s stuff, I think it’s originally a tin plate which I scanned into the computer. I do plan on fixing it, but that needs to be done on my other computer. That will be for another day!

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use mayonnaise to remove water marks on wood

…it works, and you don’t need much. Wipe 2 tablespoons of mayo on the ring and leave overnight, or at least 8 hours (lightly cover if you wish). Wipe it clean. The fat in the mayo is reabsorbed into the wood, causing the watermark to disappear.

I’m this old

…I’m either this old, or my parents drove old cars, take your pick…


If dueling came back,
a whole bunch of people would be a lot less “offended”


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