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November 28, 2022

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“All the world is a stage”
by William Shakespeare

Hu Jintao, Putin, and Bush, seen here at a secret Grand Lodge meeting. These actors are ALL on the same NWO Team, worshipping the same LORD; the Church of Freemasons (Lucifer).

They pretend to be enemies, to keep clueless Sheep distracted, and therefore remain in power, to introduce tighter Draconian measures, through “Bread and Circus” entertainment.

This MKUltra programming keeps their Zionist/Jesuit/Canaanite “Elite Bloodlines” seperated and pure from Sethites. (ie: “Profane Christians”)

Sethites: Miriam-Webster dictionary


Life Hack:
Never lose your coffee mug
by duct tapping it to your hand.


Once they make the world cashless, they will ban you from participating in society.

Because you don’t conform with “community guidelines”, just like they do with social media.


Here We Go: CDC Says It’s Monitoring a New COVID Variant Known as “XBB” – Deemed ‘Most Vaccine Resistant Strain Ever’: the gateway pundit…“On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that it is monitoring a new COVID-19 variant known as “XBB,” which is responsible for an estimated 3.1% of all new infections in the United States, according to Yahoo News.”

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