we are all vulnerable

November 28, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

we are all vulnerable
we have all lived through our own traumas
trials, and situations
but when I am in nature
I am in awe
and surrounded by the love of the Creator
and I know that I am one with all

~ Native American

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When you tell them how to find God within, but they start worshipping you instead…


“Take life one step at a time”

The steps…


13 reasons to own a cast iron skillet

  1. used for thousands of years
  2. no toxic fumes while you cook
  3. can take high (oven) heat
  4. it’s non-stick (mostly)
  5. cleans up easily
  6. it’s inexpensive/lasts forever if you take care of it
  7. browns food beautifully
  8. better heat distribution
  9. usable as a grill
  10. usable over a campfire
  11. can cook multiple items at once
  12. boosts your iron intake
  13. and in a pinch, it can even be used for self defense 🙂


Money Saving Tips From Real Survivors Of The Great Depression: ask a prepper… live as a family, insulate the home (blankets, curtains, sleeping bags on the wall), buy produce that is close to spoiling, create your own cleaning supplies, start a garden, learn how to bake, make more soups, cut milk with water, and more

take care
stay safe
much love

where do bad rainbows go?
don’t worry, it’s a light sentence

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