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November 30, 2022

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“The future does not belong
to those who are content with today.
Rather, it will belong to those who can blend vision, reason, and courage in a personal commitment.”
~ Robert Kennedy

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The holy trinity for the deep state are
central banks ~ war ~ gold

The latest heist: US Quietly snatches Ukraine’s gold reserves

Reports out of Kiev state that the US has taken 33 tons of gold out of Ukraine. Last week a Ukrainian newspaper reported that PM Arseny Yatsenyuk ordered the transfer of that gold to the US.

So we can’t give Germany back its fold for years, but can easily take Ukranian gold?



Homemade Ice Pack

1 part rubbing alcohol
3 parts water
freeze 5 hours

never hardens yet keeps very cool
stays cold, approximately 2 to 3 hours


Success follows the 80/10/10 rule.

80% drinking coffee.
10% making coffee.
And 10% drinking more coffee.


The Best Places For Scavenging After SHTF: ask a prepper… “Scavenging in any of the places listed below is illegal. It should only be considered in situations where there is a complete breakdown of society. What I present here is a thought experiment regarding what would be the best locations to scavenge in the unlikely event of a widespread apocalypse.”… industrial areas, garbage dumps, hospitals/clinics/doctors’ offices/vet clinics, self-storage facilities, and more

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what people call normal

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