December 1, 2022

the first and the last

June 12, 2022 ~ November 28, 2022



being unusual or out of the ordinary
not familiar
unlike what is typically expected

to be placed side by side
purely by happen chance

This year has flown by! And I’m not quite sure how…today is the same as yesterday is the same as tomorrow. Not really, but ever so much. The sun shines, plays hide and seek. It’s hot. It’s cold. Or somewhere in between.

It’s rainy. And windy. No snow yet. Not even any frost yet. Waiting for that first snowflake. Or the first sign of Jack Frost. Always a marvelous sight. Much waited for. Like the first day of spring. Or summer.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

I am not buying all the farmland to grow food

I am buying it to stop you from growing food


When taking that holiday picture this year,
remember to look for mirrors first…



Your child is not trans because he put on a dress or tried on makeup.

My little brother used to eat grass as a kid but my mom didn’t call him a cow and send him to the slaughterhouse.

She told him to cut the bs and stop eating grass.

Be better parents!

…I will add be aware of who your child interacts with as well. Children are easily manipulated and can be easily convinced of just about anything!


take care
stay safe
much love

when you don’t move like everyone else
it bothers people

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