to places unknown

December 1, 2022

throwback Thursday

August 16, 2014

don’t be afraid
to take an unfamiliar path
sometimes they are the ones
that take you to the best places

…these steps were at one time used, at the old house. The original owners of this house gave them to us, because they didn’t like them. Or some such thing. The steps that were here when we moved in, were soon replaced with the porch, which eventually became a deck.

I tried to clean the steps/landing off and make it somewhat usable, but there was so much poison (oak/ivy), it was impossible for me to clear it. It would have been a nice place to put indoor plants, when I brought them outside, a focal point for a garden. I guess if I had moved the steps, it could have been salvaged. I didn’t think of that at the time.

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