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December 8, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

be uncommon

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~ woke ~ defund police ~ tax reparations
~ abolishing ice, CBP and DEA ~ ban oil ~ packing the supreme court ~ identity politics ~ intolerance
~ open borders ~ abortion-on-demand ~ critical race theory ~ green new deal ~ big government ~ blm
~ student loan bribes (forgiveness) ~ ending the filibuster ~ free stuff ~ pro-criminal reforms ~ anti-free speech ~ socialized medicine ~ hate America
~ eliminate 2nd amendment ~ spend

“Republicans are extremists!”


yes! yes! yes!

PVC pipe and a hose!
Holes can be drilled in the pipe to allow watering at intervals.


Me, after a day spent trying to wake people up and pull them out of the Matrix:

“They’re more brainwashed than I thought.”


How To Stay Safe & Protect Your Data On The Internet: ask a prepper…Online OPSEC, don’t share, public wi-fi (don’t use it if possible), turn off blue-tooth, don’t just click – verify, and more

take care
stay safe
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religion isn’t under attack
it’s being called out

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