where there’s a will, there’s a path

December 8, 2022

the deck path

I started this project back in September 2015. My goal was to divert water away from the bottom of the steps and do something about all the mud. It would get so muddy when it rained, or we used the hose. The mud problem has been taken care of, and I think the pooling at the bottom of the steps is solved, although we still haven’t gotten a good downpour since I finished back in late September or early October. The water does still puddle – but not as bad as it used to. It dissipates as soon as it stops raining. As far as I know, that is.

Way back then, I was using the sop sink to wash things – mason jars, clothes, flowerpots… My house mate has since moved it. If need be, I will take it back and get something else that he can use to rinse fish and other stuff off. Or I will make a washing station for myself, if need be. I’m also thinking about putting or attaching a hand pump to the plumbing…which would place it right in the area where all the brick is. It’s okay though. If it means I can get fresh water regardless, I’m all for it.

I did manage to get some rock down before winter set in.

Then in April 2016, my dad started having issues with his liver so I wasn’t able to work on the path as I had hoped. The project got put on hold until 2018. Even then, it was a slow process as I was working at the time.

I had to do some readjustments with the brick at the bottom of the steps.

I tried transplanting a couple of yuccas, but they died for some reason.

Now, we’re into 2020 and I still haven’t finished the path. But work is being done, progress is being made.

Work was being done, and slowly my dream was being realized. The two “logs” were old telephone poles that we used to use as fence posts for the dog pen. We cut them down a few years ago.

My bird feeding station…I have found it interesting the plants that are growing. There is millet (bird seed plants), which come from the bird feeders. Chinese lantern plants, morning glory, “field daisy”, ragweed or golden rod (I’m not sure which), an elm (which needs to be pulled), and other wildflowers…all are either planted by the wind, birds, squirrels, or were there to begin with, we just didn’t know it was planted because we were constantly mowing it down. Like the morning glory. I highly doubt it was brought in by a critter.

It’s being dug out, and adjustments are being made as needed.

I spent most of 2021 working on the bird feeding station, adding a little rock to the path.

2022 comes along, no more waiting. It’s time to finish this project once and for all.

A t-pole is added to the bird feeding station. The t-pole used to be used on one end of the clothesline. A tree took the clothesline down during an ice storm back in 2014.

A pipe is put in place, rock and stone is added. Early in the spring the plants are cut back.

The pipe is to help divert water from the “top” of the path to the bottom, from one corner to the opposite corner, which is lower. It works, as far as I know…I also dug a trench under the pipe and filled it with rock. This also helps divert water away from the bottom of the steps.

On the 15th of November, we did get a “good” rain…there was the tiniest amount of puddling, and it was away from the bottom of the steps. When spring arrives, I might add some more sand under the bricks and add a little more stone. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary, all it will do is keep the water level below the rock/stone. The pipe does divert water from the top of the path, away from the deck. I still might have to build a little rock wall or dam…Where it would need to go if needed is, between the bricked path and the corner of the house (in the photo above, right, this can be seen – kind of to the right of where the rock pile is). Once we get the spring rains I will know if I need to do anything with that.

The brick part of the walkway acts kind of like a chute for water. All I need, I think is something to divert the water away, towards the pipe.

For the most part, I am happy with this, even if I do need to do a little bit more in the spring.

One thing I have noticed, since I’ve had time to observe, is that there is a sort of hump between the path and the driveway. This, I believe also helps with water flow…although when we get a heavy rain, the water tends to breach the hump and flow where it wants.

In the spring I will be working on the garden in front of the house and a veggie garden as well.

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