better than yesterday

December 18, 2022

I keep forgetting to mention or give updates…so I’m doing it now!

We always work for a better tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes, instead of enjoying it, we often again think of a better tomorrow.

Let’s have a better today!


First, my shoulder is doing much, much better! That doesn’t mean that I will be carrying loads of wood in, but I can do most of the things I was doing before. It still hurts, and I still have to pace myself and take it somewhat easy – but I can do things again.

I’ve started boiling/filtering water again for the humidifier. I’m not using the big pot like I was before, but I am back to doing it.

I can windup my windup clock, put wood in the woodstove, and lift a gallon of milk without much complaint. I’m still using the heating pad a couple times a day, but for the most part I don’t need it.

The water situation has cleared itself up as well.
There are good and bad things when living on a well, which I won’t get into today. Leaving or letting the water run all night isn’t good for a well. The worst thing is it stirs everything up. Which turns the water coming from the spickets/faucets yucky. Luckily, I have been storing and distilling/filtering water…so we had drinking water and water to clean up with.

This Too Shall Pass


One other thing before I go…

From now until January 1, I will more than likely be posting a little more than I normally do. I’m not sure, exactly what I will do – but I need to get stuff off my phone. I have been deleting stuff, but not enough – and there are things/subjects I would like to share. There might be another meme dump, but maybe not…who knows. I will try to keep them on the short side.

today is better than yesterday was! Hoping my son and I can go shopping on Tuesday! It’s supposed to rain on Wednesday and/or Thursday and then over the weekend we’re supposed to get some snow. I’m not sure how much, it’s still almost a week out. As the week wears on, I should know more…plus my shoulder should be much, much better!

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

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