to tell the truth

December 18, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

elm ~ tulip poplar trees

whoever is careless with the truth
in small matters
cannot be trusted
with important matters

~ Albert Einstein

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It’s way past impeachment
All of these traitors
need to be removed
in handcuffs

then start the tribunals


How do you tell the sex of an ant?

drop it in water…
if it sinks – girl ant
if it floats….

(boy ant/buoyant)


acme septic and waste removal

“We’re gonna need a bigger truck!”

~ fascist style censoring ~ government corruption ~



If Kirk Cameron dressed in drag could he have story hour?… “It is hard to even be a normal person in this world anymore. You are not allowed to be loving and accepting of LGBTQ people and want to draw lines about what children are exposed to and at what ages. We are kind of tired of it. Modern politics does ruin everything. :/”

take care
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much love

What did the drummer call his twin daughters?
Anna One, Anna Two

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