December 19, 2022

my words

big bubbles
little bubbles
bubbles in between

bubbles bubbles bubbles
don’t mean no troubles

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the “science” industry is very much like the religious corporation

Nicolaus Copernicus ~ 19 February 1473-24 May 1543 ~ Heliocentric Ball Earth ~ Jesuit
Christopher Clavius ~ 25 March 1538-February 2, 1612 ~ Changing the calendars ~ Jesuit
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ~ 1 May 1881-10 April 1955 ~ Evolution Hoaxes ~ Jesuit
George Lemaitre ~ 17 July 1894-20 June 1966 ~ Big Bang Theory

A Jesuit deception program

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sources: phys.org
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I identify as a conspiracy theorist.

My pronouns are they/lied.


I never pledged allegiance to this flag…

and it will be a cold day in hell before I do!!


take care
stay safe
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TREASON: Biden’s State Department announces creation of “China House”: USSA News… ““Communist China House will ensure the U.S. government is able to responsibly manage our competition with the People’s Republic of Communist China and advance our vision for an open, inclusive international system,” an agency press release announcing the office read. “Our goal in creating Communist China House is to help deliver on elements of the administration’s approach to the PRC.””

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