Facebook jail

December 19, 2022

When you post a great meme

but now you can’t use Facebook for seven days


As of today, I am still in FB jail, and will be for three more days.

My account was restricted on Nov 23 for 29 days, for posting a flower. [Just in case you missed it.] They said that the flower went against community standards regarding sexual activity/nudity.


It’s gotten extremely crazy on facebook…I have farmer friends who’ve told me that they’ve gotten time for posting female goats, with udders showing. I’m sure there’s other stories as well, I just don’t know about it. I have one friend who raises cows and shows videos of them in labor – never when they are actually birthing, but I haven’t heard too much from her lately. She may have gotten in trouble.

FB has also taken out the ‘religion’ part of personal profiles, and replaced it with ‘preferred pronouns’. I’m in jail and can’t do anything at the moment, but when I can I plan on putting ‘American Christian’ in and seeing what happens. I also heard that they were going to start banning “religious” or “Christian” content – Bible verses, scripture, anything with “God” in it, starting on Dec. 2. Again, once I’m back I’ll find out, as I was posting a Bible verse every day before I got my 30 days.

I have a particular set of skills that always get me thrown into facebook jail


So, Friday I will be back on facebook..I think. No idea how long it will take to violate community standards, but I’ll be sure to let you know. Last time it took almost two months.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

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