you have the power to be happy

December 20, 2022

picture of the day

the key to happiness is knowing
you have the power of choosing
what to accept and let go of

… I slept in this morning, because I didn’t sleep well last night. My arm/shoulder were hurting just enough that I couldn’t find a comfortable spot. At 430 I got up, took some NyQuil and rubbed some icey-hot on and slept til quarter after nine. I needed it!

Up and moving around, I feel better now. Hopefully my son and I can get a little shopping done. If not, we won’t be leaving the house/property til after Christmas. It’s supposed to rain Thursday then it’s supposed to get bitter cold and a little snow over the weekend. Maybe Wednesday we can go shopping if not today.

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

Now, let me see if I have got all of this straight…

If we are nuked, it will be by:

~ missiles built with technology given to China by Bill Clinton
~ funded by Iran with money Obama gave them
~ with warheads developed from Uranium sold to Russia by Hillary

~ and refined by Iran into weapons-grade plutonium in Russian centrifuges, bought with money Obama gave them

And Trump’s trying to undo this storm (or was),
but he’s the traitor?

Amazing, just amazing!


Alligators can live up to 100 years which is why there is an increased chance they will see you later.


The public conversation around “vaccines” is changing fast and there is nothing that they can do about it.

Never forget just how much control over the narrative they used to have.

What changed..?

The truth is being set free!


The Top Ten Bible Prophecy Stories Of 2022: prophecy news watch…  The Rise of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Cabal and their Rush to Global Government, The Stirring Up of the Spirit of the Antichrist, Government Knows Best–Trust It, The Rise of the Green Dragon: The Worship of Mother Earth, and more…

take care
stay safe
much love

Psalm 118: 8-9 (NKJV)
It is better to trust in the Lord
Than to put confidence in man.
It is better to trust in the Lord
Than to put confidence in princes.

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