the truth has your back

December 23, 2022

wonderful ~ beautiful

keep your profile low and lean
be seldom heard and often seen

or you might choose the tough path
not the easiest ride
stand firm
never bend
keep truth on your side
some think you’ll break if they shove you hard enough
don’t let it scare you

it’s only a bluff

with the facts on your side
you can rest well all night
knowing your safe
if you’ve lived the day right
face yourself in the mirror
the reflection is pride
face the Devil head on

with truth on your side
they say if you don’t bend
some day you might crack

I say stand tall
the truth has your back

~ Sharon Rhea Ford

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unpopular truths in today’s world

  • hell is real
  • you can’t choose your gender
  • watching pornography is sinful
  • the Bible is completely true
  • marriage is only between one man and one woman
  • you can’t go to heaven except through Jesus


A Nasty Snow Storm

“I hope you end up on a snow cone with syrup all over you!”

“I hope you end up yellow!”

“Oh yeah, I hope you end up on some kids tongue!”

“I hope you all turn to slush!”


George Bush

  • committed war crimes
  • super rich
  • lives in a mansion
  • adored by media
  • “patriot”
  • will never face justice for his war crimes

Julian Assange

  • exposed war crimes
  • lives off donations
  • despised by the media
  • “traitor”
  • always persecuted for reveling war crimes


take care
stay safe
much love

4 natural sanctuaries:
silence ~ solitude
stillness ~ simplicity

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