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December 25, 2022

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They forget that some of us were born for this time.
That some of us have been preparing for lifetimes.
They forget that some of us see through the deception and that our spiritual immune system is strong.
They underestimate our strength and our resistance to temptation.
They wrongfully believe that we are attached to our material world and that we depend on it for joy.
They forget that we know there is a better way and that we know the path that we are walking on.
That we hold an unbreakable vision of peace and truth.

We didn’t come here for it to be easy.
We didn’t come here to be comfortable.
We didn’t come here to build our ego or our name.
We didn’t come here to build our material empire.
We didn’t come here for short term gains.

We came here to CHANGE THE WORLD.
To spread LOVE and UNITY throughout the hearts and land.
We came here to stand for Spirit/God/Oneness.
We are Warriors and we WILL change the world.

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will not work this time. You will be held accountable
when the tides turn, and the tides always turn.

The world is watching
There will be evidence
You will be caught
You will be held accountable


When will I stop drinking coffee?

Can’t stop.
Won’t stop.

Stop asking.


The Second Amendment has limits.

Actually, no,
Shall not be infringed is pretty clear.


An evangelical cult leader assassinated Santa Claus in front of a bunch of kids:…It was a staged event. Paul Schafer, the cult leader was jealous of Santa Claus because the children loved him. He was the only one that was supposed to be loved and adored. This man had a pretty extreme past, almost sounds like a joke. But it is not.

take care
stay safe
much love

John 8: 36 (NKJV)
Therefore if the Son makes you free,
you shall be free indeed.

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