bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

January 2, 2023

my words

bubbles here
bubbles there
bubbles swiftly float away
bubbles suddenly pop in your face

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Murray: “You could eliminate 100% of the Federal Income Tax for every American and all you would have done is reduce the size of the government back to where it was in 2000. Not a joke.”

Thomas Sowell’s Warrior: “New rule: Federal Taxes should be abolished. It was not that long ago that Federal Taxes in the US didn’t exist. I’m being serious. This would cut Federal Gov in half, maybe more, and nobody would notice a thing. Just like Twitter services, without all the unnecessary employees.”


Dad’s all year: “Who left this light on? We aren’t lighting the whole neighborhood!?

Dads in December:


What you ordered

What came in the mail


take care
stay safe
much love

Big Pharm showing signs of collapse: natural news…“there is a vast middle ground of people, many of whom were told they had to get jabbed in order to keep going to school or working a job, that are now completely turned off to the idea of getting jabbed for anything. And it is this growing demographic that could tip the scales against the vaccine industry as the years go on.”

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