January 6, 2023

I wasn’t there that day, my housemate and his work buddy were. They were supposed to be working and figured on taking a break to go hear Trump speak. I say supposed to be, because it turns out he lied to me about working that day – it was just an excuse to be down there that day.

He could have said “Hey, “Ron” and I would like to go hear Trump speak. We may not be working that day, but…”
But he didn’t. He lied and said they were working, and were planning on taking a break to listen to Trump. Then go back to work. When he got back, I asked him how work was, he said they didn’t work…they just parked the truck and went to the rally point.

They want us to believe our country barely survived this “attack on our democracy”

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So, I was home that day, washing clothes, keeping the house warm and watching things unfold on tv. Listening to my housemate and people after the breach, I heard all kinds of comments that the breach was staged. I’m sure you have as well by this point. Even my housemate made comments that there was something not right, the crowd had been infiltrated by bad actors.


Here’s what was really happening on January 6th (2021):

  • gas was $1.93 per gallon (average)
  • there was zero inflation
  • supply-chain was functioning well
  • economy was strongest in 50 years
  • border was controlled and secure (mostly)
  • Taliban wasn’t armed with US artillery


(internet image)


Air Force Veteran

Ashli Babbitt

murdered 1-6-2021

Capitol Hill

“Say her name”


Free the J6 Political Prisoners


We live in a time when it’s cool to be evil and if you are speaking the truth, then you are considered lethal. Please do not let them deceive you. The Most High is coming back soon with vengeance and wrath for the evil.


Magamericans is don’t in DC today. There is a decent sized crowd gathered…they were in front of the Supreme Court – I think, but then they moved/walked to the Capitol building. On the way, Ashli Babbit’s mother was taken away (arrested). I didn’t see it…apparently, she was put in a police car for jaywalking and protesting (they were just talking about it on the radio). The freaks, which I have mentioned before – although it’s been a while – are also around and trying to cause trouble. Yelling “Insurrectionist loser’, blowing whistles and just being a nuisance. It’s my understanding that Megamericans and the rest of them will end up at the DC jail/gulag where the J6’ers are being held. Megamericans isn’t live at the moment, taking a break to get something to eat, then he will be back. I don’t know when, but if I get a chance, I might post it. The video is almost seven hours long (not live)…

Why Nancy Pelosi Ignored Rep. Jim Jordan Capitol Speech on Jan. 6, 2021: Clever Journeys…“Pelosi had everything in motion for the planned–what the coordinated corporate media would rapidly deem — “Capitol Insurrection.””…a good article about timing, what was going on and the lies that were perpetuated.

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because if we fight, we might lose,
but if we don’t fight, we’ve already lost


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