Candle making

January 20, 2023

I finally made my first Crisco Candle. I posted a meme about this not too long ago, so I thought I should give it a go…

It’s really not that hard to do but took a little longer than I thought it would. I started out just putting the can of Crisco beside the woodstove, hoping that would get the oil soft enough. I left it there for two days, and it still wasn’t soft enough. So, I stuck a jar in boiling water and kept adding Crisco until I got the jar full enough.

I added some dried sage leaves and cut pine needles to the mix.

The trick with making a Crisco candle is it needs to be consistent or uniform, so the candle stays in place. Once the oil was melted and the jar was full, I stirred it every so often, so the sage leaves and pine needles didn’t all sink to the bottom.

I think the next candle I make; I’m going to see how mixing another kind of oil with it might work – like coconut oil. Or possibly just add a little extract. Just something so when the candle is burning it doesn’t smell like you’re frying chicken or something.

Anyway, the ingredients are:

Crisco Oil
birthday candle
jar, preferably a mason jar, but just about any glass jar will do

anything you feel like adding: extracts, leaves, pine needles, flower petals…

I’m estimating it took about a half hour to make the candle, not counting cool down time. But I didn’t actually time it, so I’m not sure.

…on a side note, I’m not sure what the candle smells like when it’s burning – not yet anyway. I only lit the candle for a minute to get the photo

hope you have a great day!
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