the fog is thick

January 20, 2023

photo of the week

Left: edited version Right: original
January 18, 2023 12:05am

there it is
atmospheric moisture
still uncertain in destination
not quite weather
and not altogether mood
yet partaking of both

~ Hal Borland

Tuesday night was a weird night, at least for a short period of time. The fog was thick, but the stars could be seen in the night sky above. It was very eerie, and it only lasted a half hour or so.

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Pedophilia runs deep

Maryland high school teacher sends sexually explicit photos to EVERY student.

This certainly qualifies as one major mistake, assuming this was one to begin with. On Friday, FOX5, Washington DC revealed that a teacher from an Upper Marlboro, MD high school emailed x-rated photos to the entire student body.

According to the article, no further police action is happening, and the school is handling the situation internally.


electric car showroom


Libertarians: diligently plotting to take over teh world and leave you alone

“Let me in, I’m escaping socialism”

“Sorry, you’re not escaping”

“Why not, gringo?”

“We’re turning the US communist”


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