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January 22, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

time discovers truth

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pedophilia symbol


I’ll tell you what’s wrong with society…
no one drinks from the skull of their enemies anymore


Who owns the federal reserve?

Ancient ~ M
Order ~ A
Nobles ~ S
Mystic ~ O
Shrine ~ N

Ancient (Arabic) Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine: britannica.com

History of the A.A.O.N.M.S.: phoenixmasonry.org


Six Great Heresies of the Middle Ages: worldhistory.org…“The medieval Church established its monopoly over the spiritual life of Europeans in the Early Middle Ages (c. 476-1000) and consolidated that power throughout the High Middle Ages (1000-1300) and Late Middle Ages (1300-1500). Along the way, the clergy became increasingly corrupt, ignored basic tenets of Christianity, and lived lavishly on the tithes of the people.”… Paulicians, Bogomils, Cathars, Waldensians, Lollards, Hussites… 6 belief systems that began as reactions of the church with their own vision or spirituality.

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why aren’t koalas actual bears?
they don’t meet the koalafications

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