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January 23, 2023

Dear GOP,

Don’t assume that it’s just the Democrats we are watching…


Fauci Retires

~ science ~ misinformation ~ deadly mandates
~ beagle murders ~ crimes against humanity
~ gain of function ~ money to China ~ NIH/NIAID
~ Double masks ~ schools closed
~ ruined reputations ~ small business closed
~ economy in the sewer ~

“My work here is done.” Fauci


sorry the video embedded so small…I tried several different ways and they all appeared small. It is a short video.

“MAGA Republicans are coming!
MAGA republicans are coming!”

~ Border Crisis~
~ Gas Prices ~
~ Inflation ~


America’s Choice

~ Wind and Solar

~ Natural Gas



Happy Halloween!

~ President Sequence of Events
– hide this card from the media
– say, Happy 4th Everyone
– take your seat
– breathe


~ Bush Dynasty
~ Clinton Dynasty
~ McCain Dynasty
~ Cheney Dynasty


Why don’t the 99% of us who aren’t offended by everything, quit catering to the 1% who are?


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