whatever will be, will be…face it head on

January 24, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

anybody see what I see?

what’s coming will come
and we’ll meet it when it does

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10 benefits of homeschooling:

~ more family time
~ more free time for your children to pursue hobbies and other interests
~ great flexibility
~ helps slow life down
~ allows your children to learn within the context of real life
~ allows you to “live out” an atmosphere where Christ is the center
~ homeschooled children have an easier time relating to people of all ages
~ homeschooled children tend to have a strong sense of self, a good work ethic, and less sense of entitlement
~ puts you in charge of their education
~ allows for a much lower student to teacher ratio

…I will add this, getting away from K12 education is a must, if you truly want school freedom. I chose a child centered curriculum, which allowed for all of this.


well…that doesn’t look good.


It’s a very strange thing, when you make nature illegal

…I know what this is about, but lately I think it’s about a lot more. I’ve heard so many stories of people getting “time” for posting “real” photos, or making “real” comments – none of it offensive or derogatory in any way. Facebook just doesn’t like it.


keep animals away, keep plants still, labeling, and more helpful hints

take care
stay safe
much love

bury the past
keep the lessons

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