only love has the power to heal

January 25, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

you are not meant to avoid the darkness
you are meant to go into it
feed it love
illuminate it and transform it into light
only love has the power to heal
the darkness within

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no one died of covid
they were murdered

from natural and inexpensive pharmaceutical cures being censored, to hospitals being instructed to use ventilators.

no one died of covid.

…to my knowledge the supposed virus still has not been isolated, which is a factor in everything, plus, hospitals were paid for each covid diagnosis. You would hope that hospitals wouldn’t stoop to this level, but they do.


unassembled snowman for sale


can look like this


We’ve been groomed our whole lives and didn’t even realize it…

~ Rocky Horror Picture Show
~ Mrs. Doubtfire
~ Laverne and Shirley (?)
~ Michelle Obama
~ Tyley Perry’s Medea


8 Items You Need To Survive A Power Outage This Winter: ask a prepper… water pump, medications, cash, hot drinks and a way to prepare them, and more

take care
stay safe
much love

you will inspire some
and annoy others
do it anyway

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