Unsinkable Molly Brown

January 26, 2023

Molly Brown, a philanthropist and activist,
was best known for her social welfare work on behalf of women, children and workers.
She was also a survivor of the sinking of the ‘Titanic.’

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~ Molly Brown (July 18, 1867 – October 26, 1932) was an American human-rights activist, philanthropist and actress who survived the sinking of the Titanic.
~ she met J.J. Brown, a mining superintendent, and married in September 1886
~ at first the couple struggled, but gained prosperity in 1893, when gold was found in the Little Johnny Mine
~ in 1909, the couple separated, but never officially divorced
~ their son, Lawrence Palmer Brown, was born in 1887, and a daughter, Catherine Ellen, followed two years later
~ in 1912, while in France, Molly learned that her grandson was ill, and decided to go home on the first available ship – The Titanic
~ Molly was able to get on one of the few lifeboats and was later rescued by the Carpathia
~ a fictionalized Broadway musical and movie adaptation inspired by Brown’s life were released in the 1960s
~ she worked tirelessly for women’s rights, as a mediator of sorts for striking miners, ran for US senator for Colorado, although she didn’t win
~ during WW1, she worked with the Red Cross at home, and later travelled overseas to work with the American Committee for Devastated France
~ she died October 26, 1932, in her sleep at the Barbizon Hotel in New York City
~ Molly Brown: Unraveling the Myth, by Kristen Iversen, a well received biography od Molly was published in 1999
~ Molly Brown’s real or given name was Margaret Tobin. She never went by the name Molly, the name only being given to her posthumously

Source: biography.com

I am a daughter of adventure. This means I never experience a dull moment and must be prepared for any eventuality…that’s my arc, as the astrologers would say. It’s a good one, too, for a person who had rather make a snap-out than a fade-out of life.

~ Margaret “Molly” Brown


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