I think, therefore I am dangerous

January 27, 2023

video of the week

be the glitch
you want to see in the matrix

…this video was made using the slow motion option on my cell phone. There will be more, who knows when one will show up…

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cows are not the problem


This is why grown men shouldn’t own action figures.


If all these “sudden deaths” were in the unvaccinated population, it would be on the news 24/7.

You can bet your bottom dollar it would.


The Crusades: Causes & Goals: worldhistory.org… “The Crusades were a series of military campaigns organised by Christian powers in order to retake Jerusalem and the Holy Land back from Muslim control. There would be eight officially sanctioned crusades between 1095 CE and 1270 CE and many more unofficial ones. Each campaign met with varying successes and failures but, ultimately, the wider objective of keeping Jerusalem and the Holy Land in Christian hands failed. Nevertheless, the appeal of the crusading ideal continued right up to the 16th century CE, and the purpose of this article is to consider what were the motivating factors for crusaders, from the Pope to the humblest warrior, especially for the very first campaign which established a model to be followed thereafter.”

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