9 warning signs your child is cisgender ~ Babylon Bee

January 30, 2023

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  1. They are human: Humans have this cool double helix thingy called DNA that dictates gender. Sad!
  2. They ask you to cancel the Disney+ subscription: They’ll miss out on quality grooming content!
  3. They keep turning the chest binder into a fun hat: That’s NOT what that’s for, Zander!
  4. They don’t know what TikTok is: Kids who are deprived of TikTok are 12,780 times more likely to develop cisgenderism.
  5. Their Harry Potter books don’t have JK Rowling’s name angrily blacked out with a sharpie: Take those harmful books away right now!
  6. They have a healthy, natural hair color: If they refuse to express themselves with hair dye, try scaring them to death until their hair turns white.
  7. They laugh at you when you ask for their pronouns: So disrespectful!
  8. Their toy collection reinforces harmful gender stereotypes: Give them some hormones and a scalpel to play with instead!
  9. You’re a wise, loving parent: Stop oppressing them with your love and wisdom, oppressor!

Babylon Bee

Cisgender ~ Identifying as having a gender that corresponds to the sex one has been assigned at birth; not transgender (wordnik)

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