the price has been paid

January 30, 2023

* copied from Facebook

Let’s be clear.

If you end up in a burning hell for all eternity, it won’t be because you have a tattoo,
or because you have a nose ring, or because you drink beer or have an addiction/addictions,
smoke cigarettes, or because you spent time in prison.
It won’t be because you didn’t do enough good deeds.
It won’t be because you didn’t belong to the right church.
It won’t be because you belong to the right political party.
It won’t be because of that dumb thing you did that you don’t want anybody to know about.
It won’t be because of what anyone else did to you.

*It will be because you refused to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior! *

HE already paid for all the stupid stuff you have done
and all the stupid stuff you are going to do when HE died FOR YOU on the cross and rose again!
HE offers salvation as a FREE GIFT because, let’s face it, if it was up to us to earn it,
we would have no chance.
The gift of salvation is there for you to receive.
The decision is totally up to you.
The price for your sins has been paid,
the way to heaven for you has been made.

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